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April 15, 2014

American Eagle is officially Envoy Air

NEW_envoylogo_masterimageAmerican Eagle announced it is has officially changed its name to Envoy Air today.

The brand, American Eagle, is not going away as American Airlines is now using several carriers to fly regional flights using that brand. However, its subsidiary that used to be called American Eagle has taken on the name Envoy.

"Our name change is driven by our need to differentiate ourselves from the other regional carriers flying as American Eagle," Envoy president Pedro Fabregas told the carrier's 14,000 workers in a letter sent out Tuesday. "Within the next 14 days, a small 'Operated by Envoy Air' decal will be added to all of our aircraft that will remain painted in the American Eagle livery."

Envoy recently announced it was moving its headquarters to Irving, consolidating workers that have been scattered at seven different buildings around the Metroplex. Its pilots union also turned down a proposed contract in March that would have given Envoy new, larger regional aircraft to fly in exchange for a pilot pay rate freezes until 2018.

American Eagle Airlines was created in 1998 as its parent company, AMR Corp., was consolidating regional carriers that it owned into one. American Airlines Group plans to use ten different regional airlines to fly under the American Eagle brand, including Envoy.

Keep reading for the full letter from Fabregas.

-Andrea Ahles

Welcome to Envoy

Dear Envoy Team,

Today our company has become Envoy and we begin an exciting new chapter in our storied history. With this we have the opportunity to create what I’m confident will be a very bright and successful future for our company and our employees.

I sincerely thank each of our more than 14,000 employees for enabling us to get to this point. Our company has a tremendous history going back almost 18 years and many of you have long been a part of it. Regardless of your length of service, all of you have helped make our company into everything it is today – a highly regarded regional air carrier and ground service provider. You have my ongoing gratitude.

Before I describe some of the changes our new name brings, I want to emphasize many things will not be affected including your jobs, benefits and flight privileges. It will not alter Envoy’s employment policies or any collective bargaining agreement with our union-represented employees. There also is no change to our corporate relationships. Envoy continues to be part of American Airlines Group and we will maintain our close ties with American Airlines. Our airplanes will continue to fly in the American Eagle livery and most customer-facing airport signage will continue to say American, or American Eagle in stations that have not yet been updated with the new American brand. As always, safety will be our top priority, as we run a dependable and reliable operation for our passengers and the airlines we serve.

As shared previously, our name change is driven by our need to differentiate ourselves from the other regional carriers flying as American Eagle. There currently are multiple other regional airlines flying as American Eagle. As the mainline integration continues, additional regionals now flying for legacy US Airways using the US Airways Express brand will take on the American Eagle brand. Our new name will help us avoid any potential confusion among the public or regulatory agencies.

The name on our FAA-issued operating certificate has been updated to Envoy Air Inc. Within the next 14 days, a small “Operated by Envoy Air” decal will be added to all of our aircraft that will remain painted in the American Eagle livery. Given the small size of the decal in relation to the aircraft size and the livery remaining unchanged, this may not be a noticeable change for customers. Language noting that our American Eagle fights are operated by Envoy will also appear on customers’ tickets and in reservations systems, much like it is for American’s other American Eagle regional partners.

We soon will begin updating employees’ badges, but given the size our workforce, this will be done gradually through the end of 2014. Many other changes have been made or will be made to manuals, training materials, registrations, permits, documents, handbooks and forms, in a manner that is compliant with all regulatory guidelines and protocols, to reflect our new name. For more details, I encourage you to visit the updated name change frequently asked questions (FAQs) posted on new Jetnet.

Just as important as these changes will be our renewed commitment to running a best-in-class operation. We serve what will become the largest airline in the world, whose stated goal is nothing less than restoring American to its former greatness. As our new name suggests, our mission is to be an ambassador for American and a representative to American’s customers. We must all hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety, reliability and excellent service needed to help American reach its goals. Our name change is an opportunity for us to take the best of our culture to build upon and even improve it as we carry out our mission. We have a tradition of friendly service, dedication, and teamwork to use to our advantage and begin making Envoy the best it can be for American, our passengers and all of our employees.

We will be having a variety of festivities around the system today as a way of honoring Envoy’s legacy while celebrating our new name and our future. As you may have noticed, the name of Eaglewire has now been officially updated to Today@Envoy. Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll and I’m pleased we can now use a name of your choosing. We’ve also developed a short video about our history and mission, which you can watch on new Jetnet. Many stations will be having special local activities and throughout our system this week we will be distributing a small gift for each employee bearing our new logo. I invite each of you to take part in and enjoy the festivities.

Thank you for your service to our company, our passengers and one another.





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