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April 09, 2014

American Eagle moves its headquarters to Irving

American EagleThe Eagle is leaving the nest.

American Eagle Airlines, which is changing its name to Envoy on April 15, plans to move its headquarters offices to Irving, the regional carrier announced on Wednesday.

American Eagle is owned by American Airlines Group and has been housed at the company's offices in Fort Worth on Amon Carter Blvd. since it was created in 1998. Eagle employees work at several locations near Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, the airline said.

"While our closeness with American is and will continue to be a critical component of our operation, having our own space will create efficiencies and synergies between our departments," said American Eagle president Pedro Fabregas in a letter sent to employees. "This will benefit our people and help us optimize the performance of our operation, without changing our identity as a wholly owned subsidiary of American Airlines Group."

Eagle will move into two buildings on Regent Boulevard, giving the airline 142,000 square-feet of office space with a four-year lease. The relocation will move 600 Eagle employees to Irving starting in July.

"Irving is a natural fit for American Eagle Airlines, part of the largest airline in the world," said Irving mayor Beth Van Duyne in a statement. "We welcome the company's 600 employees and invite them to participate in Irving's numerous amenities - from the arts to our family-friendly events and sports opportunities."

American plans to expand its use of outside carriers to fly routes under the American Eagle brand. Last month, American Eagle pilots turned down a contract that would have guaranteed larger regional jets would be operated by Eagle in exchange for concessions.

Without a new contract, American management has said it plans to shrink Eagle's operations and in the investor update on Tuesday said it will retire 40 Embraer 140 aircraft by the end of the year. The 44-seat aircraft are operated by Eagle.

American, which merged with US Airways in December, owns two other regional carriers, PSA Airlines and Piedmont AIrlines. Both carriers currently operate under the US Airways Express brand and neither had their headquarters offices at US Airways' former Tempe headquarters offices. PSA is headquartered in Vandalia, Ohio while Piedmont has its headquarters in Salisbury, Maryland.
Keep reading for the full letter from Fabregas announcing the headquarters move.

-Andrea Ahles

Dear Team,

For the first time in our company’s history, all of our headquarters, training and Systems Operations Control (SOC) employees will soon be in the same location. American Eagle Airlines, soon to be renamed Envoy, will move into our own headquarters in Irving, Texas, starting this summer and out of the several locations we currently occupy on American’s campus.

Since our company was founded, the various groups making up our management, training and SOC
teams have been scattered throughout buildings on or around American’s headquarters campus near
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). While our closeness with American is and will continue
to be a critical component of our operation, having our own space will create efficiencies and
synergies between our departments. This will benefit our people and help us optimize the
performance of our operation, without changing our identity as a wholly owned subsidiary of
American Airlines Group.

Located in Irving on Regent Boulevard just north of DFW Airport, our new headquarters is a modern
and centrally located space that will allow us to improve collaboration between our teams, which will
ultimately better serve our more than 14,000 employees working throughout our system. This space
will be home to all of our employees currently working in American’s HDQ1, HDQ2 and the SOC, as
well as our training facilities in Flagship University and the Flight Academy. We also anticipate certain
teams from CP-28, our warehouse near DFW, and the DFW American Eagle Airlines hangar to move
to our Irving location as well.

In total, more than 600 employees will work in our new facility, which we have leased at an extremely
competitive rate with additional incentives provided by the City of Irving. Our move there will be done
quickly but carefully beginning in July 2014, to ensure it does not disrupt our operation or our
passengers’ experience. We know these details are important to you and we will share more on our
anticipated schedule as soon as it is possible to do so.

Giving our people the tools and resources they need to do their jobs well is a commitment we have
made to all of you, from those of you in our stations to our headquarters team. A central headquarters
location will better serve our current employees, allow us to better introduce potential employees to
our company, and improve the onboarding and training process for new employees. Every advantage
we can create for our people and company will serve us well and help position us for future success.

I look forward to these future benefits becoming a reality for all of our employees and for or company,
as we maintain our constant priority on safety and our commitment to operate at the highest level




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Wally Chang

I don't get this decision. Why bring on the expense of a completely separate operation in separate locations when Eagle is already struggling? Seems like a very bad idea.

Envoy Employee

The NEWLY "ORPHANED" Red-headed Stepchild of American Airlines is "Officially" kicked to the curb!!! Thank you very much Tom Horton and Doug Parker.

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