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April 24, 2014

American, flight attendants union begin contract negotiations

Transportation unions 109American Airlines and its flight attendants unions started contract talks on Thursday to negotiate a new joint contract that will cover American and former US Airways flight attendants.

The flight attendants, who will be represented by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, submitted their opening proposal to management. With the start of negotiations, the parties will have 150 days to agree to a new contract and if there are items that they are unable to reach an agreement on, an arbitrator will decide those items.

"As the face of this airline, we will continue to work hard to make the company a success. [American CEO] Doug Parker knows that, and I feel confident that we’ll reach an agreement that recognizes the Flight Attendants’ contribution and commitment to the new American," said APFA president Laura Glading.

The negotiating committee also includes members of the Association of Flight Attendants which has represented US Airways flight attendants.

"The Flight Attendants at American Airlines deserve a record-breaking contract, which reflects our contributions in making this merger a reality," said AFA-MEC president Roger Holmin. "This contract should set our 24,000 Flight Attendants apart and establish us well above the rest of the industry."

-Andrea Ahles



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Don't know what all these sour mugs are smiling about.....When it's all said and done you girls are gonna have to take a bigger bite of that now bigger sandwich that ya'll been eatin on for the last, what? 20 or more years?

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