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April 29, 2014

DFW Airport to add Coach, Mont Blanc and Michael Kors, spending $21 million to build Hyatt Place

7_Hyatt_Place2Travelers looking to buy a new Coach bag or a Mont Blanc pen will soon have the chance to shop at these upscale retailers at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport’s Terminal D.

The airport’s concession committee approved leases for three new stores at Terminal D for Coach, Mont Blanc and Michael Kors on Tuesday. The airport is trying to diversify its retail offerings as more international passengers connect through DFW Airport.

“To bring brands in like Coach, Mont Blanc and Michael Kors, we are really raising the game in Terminal D and with all the international expansion this is really a great achievement,” said airport chief executive Sean Donohue.

The committee also approved spending $325,000 with a Chinese marketing firm, Hung & Kit, to promote American Airlines’ new flights from Shanghai and Hong Kong to DFW. The new flights start in June and the airport has already upgraded signs and kiosks to include Chinese-language information about the airport.

Construction of the airport’s new headquarters facility, called Southgate, near the rental car facility on the southern edge of the airport, is making progress.

The committee approved a $21 million contract for the construction and design of the 137-bed Hyatt Place hotel that will be part of the Southgate development. The airport will own the hotel and has contracted with another company to operate the hotel in an agreement similar to the Grand Hyatt hotel at Terminal D.

Artist rendering of Hyatt Place provided by DFW Airport.

-Andrea Ahles


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They need to quit worrying about the shopping needs of international passengers in the terminals and worry more about upgrading/modifying terminal D to receive the Airbus 380. Whether they know it or not, October isn't that far away and I can see them dropping the ball on that.......kinda like they dropped the ball on deciding to "renovate" terminal A as opposed to building a new one, tearing A down, repeating with terminal C, so on and so forth.


Agree - there is more focus put on connecting passengers at DFW then those of us who live here!! We get ignored - whether waiting for our bags in baggage claim or getting ignored as frequent travelers. This is not the case at ORD, LAX or JFK, where the airlines have to FIGHT for their customers.



When the new airport HQ opens @ the south end of the airport, what's going to happen to the building and land in the center of International Pkwy where HQ currently sits? Will it be torn down and land re-purposed for anything? Or will the building be used for something else?

I've always had a far-fetched hope that they would run a people-mover down the spine of International Pkwy that goes out to the Rental Car Center instead of having to catch buses.

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