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April 14, 2014

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Making a terrorist threat against an airline as a joke on Twitter is a dumb thing to do as one Twitter user found out over the weekend. USA Today reports that a user, who may be a 14-year-old girl, sent a tweet to American Airlines' account on Sunday morning saying she was a member of Al-Qaeda and was going to "do something really big." The airline responded saying her IP address had been forwarded to the FBI and later in a statement American said it takes security matters very seriously.

-Searchers looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 will deploy an American submersible called Bluefin to try to find the wreckage on the bottom of the sea floor now that they are no longer hearing pings from the black boxes. The Bluefin takes two hours to dive down to the ocean floor and can scan about 15 square miles in 16 hours before returning to the surface in another two hour trip, the New York Times reported.

-A Southwest Airlines flight out of Chicago made an emergency landing in Omaha because of an unruly passenger. According to this NBC report, a man tried to exit the aircraft mid-air through a rear door. The flight attendant and other passengers restrained the man who was removed from the flight in Omaha.

-Andrea Ahles


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