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April 07, 2014

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Australian officials believe that pinging sounds coming from the bottom of the Indian Ocean may be the black boxes of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. According to this New York Times article, searchers picked up the underwater sounds on Sunday but have been unsuccessful in locating the signals on the ocean floor.

-Airlines had more late flights and lost more luggage last year, according to a new airline quality survey. Report author Dean Headley told Bloomberg News that over time service performance at the airlines will probably even out with differences coming from on-board amenities and customer's perceptions of their flight experience.

-Consumer travel expert Christopher Elliott says consumers are leaving money on the table every time they're bumped from a flight. In his latest USA Today column, Elliott said only one in 10 bumped passengers challenge airlines for their denied-boarding compensation because they don't know that they are entitled to more money under federal law.

-Andrea Ahles


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