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April 10, 2014

Southwest CEO says DAL-HOU city pair generates the most revenue for the airline

One of Southwest Airlines' oldest routes is still its most profitable.

Speaking at the Richardson Chamber of Commerce luncheon earlier this week, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said its Dallas to Houston service is the carrier's number one city pair in terms of revenues.

Kelly's comments cam in response to a question about a possible high-speed rail project that would link Dallas and Houston.

Here's what Kelly had to say about high-speed rail.

"It’s one of those topics that’s been on the table for gosh decades now and the United States doesn’t have it at this point. It is a very, very expensive undertaking and there are significant complications beyond just the economics in terms of the right of way and mainly it’s just a cost question. At this point, it’s just not a priority for us and I don’t think that federal, state or local governments have the kind of money to throw at a project like that. I think we have other very significant fiscal challenges of course that have to be attended to but right now we don’t have a position. It is primarily because it just appears so unlikely but it is something we’ll just have to continue to monitor.

"Dallas to Houston is still our No. 1 city pair. It generates the most revenue of all our city pairs and it’s important to us. I would submit that you already have high speed transportation between Dallas and Houston and we intend to keep it."

-Andrea Ahles


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High speed rail will never work in Texas thanks to the lobbyist.

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