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June 02, 2014

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-On Tuesday, Tom Horton will step down as American Airlines' non-executive chairman. Horton, who shepherded the airline through bankruptcy before it merged with US Airways told the Wall Street Journal he hasn't decided what to do next but that "I think we're off to a good start here." American's annual shareholder meeting will be held in New York on Wednesday and current chief executive Doug Parker will become chairman at that time.

-I can always rely on Brett Snyder a.k.a. Cranky Flier breaking down the complexities of how a DOT ruling might affect travelers. In this blog post, Snyder examines the proposed rule by the government to force airlines to make bag fees and seat fees available in real-time to third-party ticke sellers.

-If you missed People Express from the 1980s, they are back, sort of. PeoplExpress announced last week that it will begin flying on June 30, offering service from Newport News to Boston, Newark and Pittsburgh. By the end of August, it will add West Palm Beach, Atlanta, St. Petersburg and New Orleans. The Street.com interviewed its CEO, Jeff Erickson, and why he wanted to relaunch the old low-fare, East Coast brand.

-Andrea Ahles



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We will all miss Tom Horton. Ethical, Intelligent, and truly interested in the success of American Airlines and all of the employees who work for the company.

A true Ichaan in the airline business.


I am taking this as mr. horton is retiring so will he also get the new same flight pass classification as the rest of us a d2r or d3 which it now has become


I like that. It's comical at best, but I like it. "Horton, who shepherded the airline through bankruptcy". Should read "led them IN TO bankruptcy", to whereas the likes of Gerard Arpey didn't think it was necessary. You go on, Pat, you think this guy walks on water, that's fine. Hopefully you can also remember he does not have the best interest of the employees in mind from some of his antics in the past. Sleep well my friend!

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