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July 10, 2014

DART station will open at DFW Airport in August

DART trainGliding across a row of brand-new concrete ties, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit light-rail line zipped into Dallas/Fort Worth Airport at nearly 65 mph.

The train ride Wednesday morning was just a test run for the newest feature of DART’s elaborate light-rail system. But when DART’s Orange Line to DFW Airport, as the service is known, opens to the public Aug. 18, it will usher in a new era for the world’s fourth busiest airport — and the Metroplex at large.

In just a few weeks, it will be possible for visitors to fly into DFW, collect their bags and board a train for Dallas.

“We join the ranks of Atlanta as well as Chicago as the third airport that has rail service from the airport to its city center,” said Jim Crites, DFW Airport executive vice president for operations.

“We join the ranks of 17 global superhubs where international customers have direct rail service down to the city center.”

Eventually, travelers from downtown Fort Worth also could be able to take the train directly into the airport. The Fort Worth Transportation Authority, also known as the T, hopes to open its TEX Rail commuter line by 2018 — and that service will arrive at the airport at a station planned near Terminal B.

The T has completed its portion of an environmental study for TEX Rail and is competing with other metro areas for federal transit funding, spokeswoman Joan Hunter said.

On Wednesday, DART conducted a test run of the Orange Line to DFW and invited the media to go along. During the roughly 10-minute trip from Irving’s Belt Line Station, the train reached a top speed near 65 mph, whizzing past traffic on nearby Texas 114.

To read the full article that appeared in Thursday's Star-Telegram, click here.

-Gordon Dickson


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Bill West

Nice, but how many other airports charge drivers just to drop off or pick up passengers? Not many, I bet.Absolutely ridiculous.


well its just another rip off from the great mistake of Texas.Texas is the biggest rip off state in the nation. they always brag they have no state income tax but screw you in property taxes vehicle registration and inspection tags year after year.thats why they claim owning a home in Texas is the cheapest in the nation.what people don,t realize is by the time you finish paying off a mortgage on a 200 thousand dollar home on a 30 year mortgage you will have paid 120 thousand dollars in property taxes to live in a state that made out off concrete and dirt.shall I go further?

Mark L Berry

Mr. Crites,

You neglected to include St. Louis in your airport to downtown quote. STL has had Metrolink service for many years.

Other than that amendment necessary for this article, congrats on the upcoming DFW DART service.

Cheers, Mark L Berry

Peter Gozinya

As a daily commuter from Grapevine/colleyville how does this Dart service help. Am I going to pay some exorbitant parking fee just so save a few gallons of gas? I think not we are so eager to try to get our transit system viable that the big thinkers forget its true purpose....MASS TRANSIT not as a convenience for a few hundred airline pax who are willing to park their car overnight in a DART parking lot hoping most of their auto will still be intact when they return. Geez what a waste of tax dollars!!!

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