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July 08, 2014

Fun facts about American's new integrated operations center

IOC - RenderingHere's a few fun facts about American Airlines' new integrated operations center which is expected to open in late summer of 2015.

-The new building will be 149,000 square-feet and will be designed to withstand winds of an EF3 tornado (about 165 to 185 mph).

-It is the first new building constructed on the carrier's flight academy campus in more than 20 years

-The second floor will have a custom ceiling with heights from 16 feet to 22 feet.

IOC - Lobby
Rendering of the lobby

-The project will cost $88 million, including $55 million in real property improvements and $33 million in business personal property.

-The foundation will include 105 drilled caissons at an average depth of 30 feet. The building itself will have 2,106,000 pounds of sructural steel and 321 pieces of wind-rated concrete wall panels to cover the 65,235 square feet of the building envelope.

-American will house its flight dispatch, crew scheduling, maintenance operation control, load planning, system customer service, flight planning support, air traffic control, emergency planning and response coordination and operations control technology work groups in the new integrated operations center.

IOC - Second Floor Console Floor
Rendering of the console room
IOC - Second Floor Stairs
Rendering of the second floor
IOC - Vendeteria
Rendering of the break room area

-Andrea Ahles


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