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August 25, 2014

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Hotels are starting to charge for extras just like airlines, points out AP's Scott Mayerowitz in this article. "Guaranteeing two queen beds or one king bed will cost you, as will checking in early or checking out late. Don't need the in-room safe? You're likely still paying. And the overpriced can of soda may be the least of your issues with the hotel minibar," he writes.

-The Street.com's Ted Reed takes a trip down memory lane as he lists the 5 Most Beloved U.S. Airlines of all time. Defunct PanAm makes the list as does Dallas-based Southwest Airlines.

-And the fight over peanuts on plane continues, according to this Yahoo! Travel post. In the absence of federal directives, the airlines are left to set and enforce their own policies, and what passengers encounter when flying is a mixed mag – both among airlines and on different flights within the same airline," the post says.

-Andrea Ahles


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