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August 22, 2014

Piedmont pilots reach new contract with American management

Pilots at Piedmont Airlines, which is a wholly-owned regional carrier at American Airlines Group, have reached a new tentative agreement that could possibly bring larger regional jets to Piedmont.

The agreement also provides Piedmont pilots with the opportunity to get hired at American Airlines or US Airways mainline operations. The pilots, who are represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, will vote on the new agreement between September 2 and September 16.

"After careful consideration and discussion, the MEC believes that the tentative agreements are in the best interest of Piedmont pilots," the union leaders told its members on Friday afternoon.

American said it was pleased that the union leaders unanimously support the new agreement.

"The TA provides a clear path for career advancement and positions Piedmont for future success in a highly competitive industry," American said in a statement.

Piedmont is a regional carrier that currently operates under the US Airways Express brand using 44 deHavilland DHC-8 turbo prop aircraft. It employs about 350 pilots and is headquartered in Salisbury, Maryland.

-Andrea Ahles


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36 pilots are year to American seems like a lot. Since envoy sends 25 pilots a month


The dash-8 fleet is below 40 aircraft,around 38, not 44.

John Leggett

Using "Flow Through" as a means to continue to pay pilots substandard hourly rates, expensive benefits and poor quality of life scheduling, is something Airlines' Managements are very good at. You shouldn't sacrifice pay and working conditions for what may never happen. Economics and hiring are factors a flying pilot cannot control. A solid and fair contract is the only way to go. Bartering for a future " consideration" is very shortsighted and offers no guarantees.


John, you're exactly right. And the union stands there and tells the members it's good for them and endorses it. " We'll give you a lottery winners chance at flying the big boy toys and depositing all that prestige in the bank."

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