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November 20, 2014

American looking at possible headquarter locations, have held preliminary meetings with local leaders

American hqAmerican Airlines is in preliminary discussions with local leaders about a possible new headquarters location for the carrier.

Chief executive Doug Parker confirmed that the Fort Worth-based airline has talked with Fort Worth leaders as well as other North Texas officials about possibilities for a new headquarters campus.

"It's one of the things that we're looking at," Parker said. "There are a number of options including staying exactly where we are. We have a perfectly acceptable facility today, just wondering if there might be a better opportunity, so we're investigating whether that might be the case."

He added that some of the sites that the company is looking at are outside Fort Worth, but stressed it is still in the preliminary stages.

"There is no time limit whatsoever," Parker said. "This is not on the top of the list with all the priorities we have right now."

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price said she has had conversations with American executives about a headquarters building but declined to discuss any details.

"They are one of our largest employers and we certainly want to work with them," Price said. "They have a huge footprint here already and we'd love to keep them a Fort Worth company."

-Andrea Ahles


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So the New American is looking for a site to spend millions of dollars on an unnecessary move to a new location. But they can't find a way to pay their employees a competitive wage without months or years of rancorous "negotiation". All for the aggrandizement of the New Management. Yeah, that's a good reason to make DFW citizens pay the highest prices for air travel (and baggage fees and change fees and seat selection fees and....) . I thought the New American was supposed to be different ! !


If you are going to have a comment section, you ought to publish all the comments that are not profane.


STC-----It's the same ol' stinking pig just new lipstick that's all.

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