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November 03, 2014

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-The crash of Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Two on Friday may have been caused by pilot error, the Los Angeles Times reports. "Using video footage from inside the cockpit as well as telemetry data, investigators found that the copilot unlocked the “feathering” handle nine seconds after the rocket engine ignited. This action occurred prematurely — at speeds of Mach 1 instead of Mach 1.4," the article says.

-Asian airlines continue to struggle in the public markets, once again proving Warren Buffett's belief that one should never invest in airlines. According to this Bloomberg story, six of the ten Asian airlines that had an initial public offering in the past five years are now trading below their original sale price.

-And on a lighter note this Monday, WFAA's Jason Whitely rode on Southwest Airlines' first flight between Nashville and Dallas Love Field on Sunday, and got to witness a wedding midflight. The couple, Dottie Coven and Keith Stewart, don't work for the airline but wanted to do something a little different to tie the knot. Both had racked up enough frequent flier miles from work-related travel that they were able to get 30 tickets for family members to witness the nuptials conducted at 35,000 feet.

-Andrea Ahles


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