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November 24, 2014

Southwest ground workers ask "Has Southwest lost its way?"

Southwest adSouthwest Airlines ground workers are telling customers that the Dallas-based airline is losing more bags than other major carriers and asking the question, "Has Southwest lost its way?" in a new ad that will run in USA Today on Tuesday.

The Transport Workers Union Local 555 represents thousands of Southwest ground workers and is running the ad as the union continues to try to reach a new contract with the airline.

"Losing bags is bad - but eventually they find their way home," the ad says. "Losing a successful company culture can be forever."

The ground workers will also be picketing outside of Dallas Love Field on Tuesday as travelers leave for the Thanksgiving holiday.

"We can't stand idly by while management makes bad decisions that drive away passengers," said TWU Local 555 President Charles Cerf in a press release. "If people keep losing bags on Southwest, they'll vote with their wallets and select other carriers - and that threatens the livelihood of our members."

The union has been in contract talks with Southwest since July 2011 and has not had a pay raise since 2010, the union said.

-Andrea Ahles


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We ramp workers at AA just got our first
raises since 2003. Good luck


ROFLMAO--------When these letters pop up in any article--T--W--U............Holy Jesus you guys are screwed

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