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December 10, 2014

A last post to Sky Talk 1.0

American to Hong Kong 022 (1)It is departure time for Sky Talk (sort of...)

Today, the Star-Telegram is switching to a new online content platform and Sky Talk is moving with it. Think of it like an airline migrating its computer reservation system from SHARES to Sabre (American/US Airways folks, you know what I mean.)

So this is the last post on Sky Talk 1.0. All of the archived posts will remain on the old platform and can still be viewed.

Here's where you go for the new content: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/business/aviation/sky-talk-blog/?rh=1

Over the next few days or so, I'll be working on some of the functionality of our new system for Sky Talk 2.0 so please be patient if you see duplicate posts on the blog or if your comments don't get published right away.

When the Star-Telegram started Sky Talk on May 22, 2007, it had four page views on its first day. Over 7 million page views later, we say goodbye to Sky Talk 1.0 and look forward to welcoming our readers to the new and improved, Sky Talk 2.0

-Andrea Ahles



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Trebor Banstetter

Andrea, congratulations on the ongoing success of the blog and the great work you've done over the years. I remember that first day when we rolled out Sky Talk, and four page views seemed pretty exciting! I'll continue to rely on Sky Talk (and the Star-Telegram) as a great source for news of all things aviation and aerospace.

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