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December 01, 2014

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-An American Airlines jet arriving at New York's JFK airport from Barcelona on Sunday was taken to a secure area at JFK after it landed because of a bomb threat. ABC News reports that passengers were taken to holding buses while their luggage was searched by bomb-sniffing dogs. No bomb was found on the flight.

-Los Angeles is the epicenter of the battle for premium customers on transcontinental flights, the Los Angeles Times reports. "The weapons in the fight for the transcontinental VIP are luxuries like down pillows, in-flight espresso machines, chauffeur-driven Cadillacs and meals cooked up by celebrity chefs," the article says.

-Don't expect falling oil prices to translate into lower air fares, says USA Today. "With the traveling public currently itching to fly, and keeping many planes filled, carriers have little incentive to pass along any fuel savings to consumers in the form of cheaper tickets," according to the article.

-Andrea Ahles


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